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You Can Trust the Professional Cleaners and Handymen at Adonis Services

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Adonis Services - Professional Cleaners & Maintenance Pros in Virginia Beach, VA

House Cleaning, Commercial Cleaning Services & Handyman Services for the Home or Business

Whether you're moving out of your home or opening up a new office, an expert's touch can make your space stand out. Adonis Services offers professional cleaning services in the Virginia Beach, Virginia area.

We go beyond the average cleaning services to examine every area of your property. We'll cater our work to your needs. Your home or office will always look great thanks to:

  • Trash removal
  • Vacuuming
  • Dusting
  • Bathroom cleaning
  • Window cleaning
Your property makes a lasting impression on neighbors, friends, clients and customers. Talk to professional cleaners in Virginia Beach, VA about your home or office today.

Leave all the cleaning to us

We understand that accidents happen. You don't have to wait for our next visit for your space to be cleaned and protected. Adonis Services will create a residential or commercial cleaning service maintenance plan for you. Schedule a consultation with us today for a free estimate in Virginia Beach, VA and the surrounding area.

Our Professional Cleaners Ensure There is No Work Left for You

Your new home or business will look great after we fix your flooring, but what about later on? Accidents happen, and your new home or office won't stay clean forever. To keep your space clean and protected, Adonis Services will create a residential or commercial cleaning service maintenance plan based on your needs.

Schedule your free consultation with us today. We'll gladly give you a free estimate. We serve the Williamsburg, Hampton, Newport News, Norfolk, Chesapeake and Virginia Beach, VA areas.

3 reasons to trust our cleaning services

Adonis Services takes pride in being a trustworthy company with years of residential and commercial cleaning experience. There are numerous reasons to contact us for home and commercial cleaning services, including:


Our family-run business is veteran owned and operated, so we know the value of hard work.


We're licensed and insured with the state of Virginia and get everything up-to-code.


We let you choose the services you need without forcing you to pay for something you don't.

You can combine our cleaning services with professional maintenance services in Virginia Beach, VA. Contact Adonis Services today to learn more about our pricing.

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